Monthly Archives: May 2013

Grace: The final frontier


The knowing smile of a meditating yogi. The sparkle in the eye of a seeker who has reclaimed her prize. The loving touch of one who has tasted God’s love. These are the external signs of a person who is under the influence of Grace. Grace is considered the fifth universal principle after creation, sustenance, dissolution, and delusion. Grace reveals everything to you. It is the action that pours from your “inner guru”, your inner teacher. Every time you come to understand something, it is through grace that you understand. When you finally learned to read, do math, play an instrument, or accomplish an advanced posture in yoga it was grace that allowed you to be in a space of knowing and understanding. When you realized that listening is more important than speaking, it was grace that lead you to this deeper understanding. It is the same when we apply the power of grace to our “spiritual” practice and understanding. How deeply you drink from the Source and understand is dependent on how completely you surrender to the process of grace in your life. Grace leads to revelation. It leads to revelation of what is good and bad for you, revelation as to what you need in life, and revelation about how you should live your life. This all happens from within.

Grace is an inner phenomenon. It only happens when you look within yourself and question your actions and mental proclivities. It happens as a response to your desire to surrender to Life Itself. Grace is what carries your from the state of ignorance to the state of knowledge. Grace is always given freely and always frees you from your own trappings.