Becoming the Teaching


Today I am going to discuss a teaching that is attributed to Buddha. He once said, “One day both the teacher and student pass away and only the teaching remains.” The truth is all things that have birth will experience death or dissolution back to its original state. This goes for all the people you idolize and love, including yourself. This is not pessimistic thinking, it is the way of things (the Tao). Being okay with the natural order and process of life is one of the first steps to reclaiming your peace. Embracing the “real” amidst the transient will help you with this process.

So, if both the student and teacher pass away leaving only the teaching, then what is the teaching? Lets first look at the two primary motivating factors of human behavior and thinking. Everything a human being does is to avoid pain and suffering or experience happiness, joy, and love. The alcoholic is trying to avoid the pain of a past experience or find happiness through drinking. The banker thinks happiness lies in acquiring wealth. Some people believe happiness lies in creating children and a family. The despot thinks happiness lies in ruling other people and gets drunk on power. Others think happiness lies in hobbies like surfing, sky diving, and skiing. These things do provide a temporary experience that most would call happiness or joy, but we are in the rarified air of absolutes. The reality is that happiness lies within each one of us and it is dependent on nothing. When you are absolutely still within you will experience joy that exists just because it is. This happiness comes up when we engage in activities or experiences we enjoy, but it is not dependent on these external transient phenomenon. It is always there within us. Joy is a byproduct of love, and love is your natural state of being. Therefore, love is the teaching. Think about it, is there any good reason not to be loving? With all the human emotions, why is love the strongest and most natural? Love transmutes all of your lower emotions. Love is truly your saving grace. Love is there within. It is given freely and will save you from such untold suffering if you surrender to it. Love is eternal. It is the only part of “you” that lasts, so why not embrace it?

The teaching of any great teacher will be the sermon of love. I am not talking about love tainted with attachment, the love of self, or the love of romantics. I am speaking of love in its natural, unfettered state. I am speaking of the love that gives without expecting, embraces unconditionally, and gives out of abundance. The love I speak of is truly free. It has no attachment nor desire. When you align yourself with such love you will experience freedom and you will begin to experience what is beyond birth and death. When you begin drinking directly from the inner well, words will not suffice. You have the power to do this here and now, just be still and look within without fear or attachment.

As the teaching states, “one day both the teacher and student will pass away”…but this is not a problem when you begin to understand the teaching. The essence of your being is love so why not be love? No one can do this for you. When you become fed up with your mind, your habits, your excuses, and your own bullshit you will decide to make the transformation. The greek word for butterfly and soul are the same. It is psyche. This is because the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly is the same as the human soul. The inner process of transformation is hidden and only the individual experiences it. 

So why not become immortal today by surrendering to love? What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? Is there any other way out of the process of life and death? Is there any other way to mitigate the fear of death that arises from the ego?

Love will save you. I promise.

About abhayamedicine

Matt Zorn is a Homeopath in the beautiful state of Oregon. He received his Bachelors degree of Science from the State University of New York at Purchase in 1998. He then went on to receive his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the accredited naturopathic medicine program at NCNM in 2002. By the end of his first year at NCNM he knew that homeopathy was going to be a large part of his practice. Since graduating he has maintained a private practice and over the last several years he has taught classes on homeopathy to graduate students and colleagues. He has used homeopathy in his practice to help his patients with a wide range of maladies including eczema, asthma, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, arthritis, etc. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that recognizes the inherent Spirit of the individual as the source of health and wellbeing. As a perpetual student of medicine, healing, life, and human nature he tries to learn from all life experiences. Striving to broaden his understanding of homeopathy and this phenomenon we call the human experience, he has studied the works of all great teachers, philosophies, and religions. Of greatest interest to him is the practice of Meditation. He has held a meditative practice over the last 25 years, and has learned more in the depths of stillness than all of his hours of reading.

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