Surrendering to Love


Surrender is a difficult process to undergo because most times we misunderstand it. Many people equate surrender with giving up, losing, or subjugation. This definition applies to situations that are worldly and transient by nature. This definition also involves the concept of ‘me’ and ‘another’. This leads to a sense of resistance to the process of surrender. However, the process and desire to surrender to your higher nature has more to do with accepting everything as it is, perceiving your Self as it is, and reclaiming what is rightfully yours. Surrender is coming to a place in your life where your consciousness has been developed to the point where you choose the Life principle (Love) over your mortal vessel and your emotional attachments. This is done, of course, without forsaking the body or any aspect of your being or experience of life. Surrender is opening yourself to your infinite nature. It is being empowered with the ageless wisdom that you are connected to everything and your essential nature is immortal and cannot be contained by a concept, belief, time, or space. Who in their right mind would cling to a sinking ship and place all their hopes in it, thinking that it will get them to their destination safely? This is what we do while in the slumber of delusion. We cling to the body thinking it is us. We cling to the attachments we have created. We expect the idea of what we think we are to live on forever. This is insanity. The only thing that is forever is That which is beyond creation, sustenance, and dissolution or death. When you really choose to surrender to Love, which is your real nature, Love will rescue you from the suffering and insanity you have created for yourself. It wakes you up from the sleep of delusion and you begin to withdraw your support from the erroneous notion that you are your ego, your body, your role in life, your gender, your race, your title, and your thoughts and emotions. You witness these things, but they are not you. Love grants you liberation through the wisdom of understanding when you make the conscious decision to surrender. This is why it is said, ‘Die before you die.’ through meditation.

Meditation is the practice of being. Meditation is concentration on your nature. Meditation is the precursor to realization. Meditation is falling into love without reservation, fear, attachment, or expectation. Before sitting for meditation you should be very clear with your intention. What is your goal? Why are you meditating? Are you open to transformation? What is transforming you and who is being transformed? What are you being transformed into? Are you fearful of  transformation and change or  are you fearless? Are you open to change and growth? Is there a greater desire in your heart than mukti (liberation) and the desire to bear witness to your true nature? These are all questions you should ponder in order to deepen your understanding. Remember, the ship is sinking and there is only one place to take refuge. The ego tells you to put off this query and that you have all the time in the world, but no one is promised tomorrow. All anyone truly has is now. Do not be afraid of this fact. It is the nature of things and therefore not a problem outside the mind’s ability to make it a problem. Surrender also entails steeping your mind in the love you carry within the heart. Doing this repeatedly through the practice of meditation will bring peace to your life and stillness to your state of mind. All of the benefits you receive from meditation are a direct result of the love that is found within you. This process is sacred and can be accomplished by anyone because you cannot be separate from yourself. You truly are what you are seeking in life. Do not doubt this, but do not take my word for it either. Be the seeker. Drink directly from the well. Look directly at the Sun within. Make the experience your own. Become what you are seeking. Everything comes to rest when you go through the process of ‘thinking about’ to ‘meditating on’ to the ‘realization of’ That. The witness to this process is what you seek. Tat Tvam asi, ‘Thou art That’. Use meditation and all the love you can bare to realize this and be free.

About abhayamedicine

Matt Zorn is a Homeopath in the beautiful state of Oregon. He received his Bachelors degree of Science from the State University of New York at Purchase in 1998. He then went on to receive his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the accredited naturopathic medicine program at NCNM in 2002. By the end of his first year at NCNM he knew that homeopathy was going to be a large part of his practice. Since graduating he has maintained a private practice and over the last several years he has taught classes on homeopathy to graduate students and colleagues. He has used homeopathy in his practice to help his patients with a wide range of maladies including eczema, asthma, anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, arthritis, etc. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that recognizes the inherent Spirit of the individual as the source of health and wellbeing. As a perpetual student of medicine, healing, life, and human nature he tries to learn from all life experiences. Striving to broaden his understanding of homeopathy and this phenomenon we call the human experience, he has studied the works of all great teachers, philosophies, and religions. Of greatest interest to him is the practice of Meditation. He has held a meditative practice over the last 25 years, and has learned more in the depths of stillness than all of his hours of reading.

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