Monthly Archives: May 2012

Happiness as it is


Through the ages it has been stated that true happiness is dependent on nothing. This in fact is true. The happiness that lies within the heart is independent of all worldly activities and attachments. In stillness and solitude it resides like a diamond deep within the earth. As your senses flow outward, your awareness is taken away from this eternal joy that you brought when you entered this world. Most people engage in all manner of activity trying to emulate this great joy. The problem is that the joy of activity is dependent on the activity itself. This leads to a transient happiness that is as fickle as the mind. When you learn to disengage from the outward flowing senses and turn your awareness inward towards its source, you begin to experience that endless joy within your own being. It surpasses the happiness of wealth and relationships. It demands nothing as it gives as freely as the sun. It is as comforting as a mother’s embrace and as limitless as the sky. Because of its existence you are able to live. Remember the saying,”Man does not live on bread alone.”? This teaching points us to the truth being discussed here. Your life is a product of Life itself, not atoms, molecules and proteins. Matter is enlivened by the life principle. Whether you call it chi, shakti, vital force, spirit, love, consciousness, the beloved, tao, etc. it does not matter. The words vary but the experience the words point to is universal. This is not a new notion. It is recognized by all people and ancient teachings around the world.

So, take time in the day to honor this life giving force that has been there as you have taken every breath. Befriend your inner light and learn to experience happiness as it is.